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Gold diamante encrusted eggs

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To the OXO tower I trekked and out the back found an amazing exhibition space, The Bargehouse, which I must have passed by 100 times without knowing it existed - what a stunning building. Lyndall's work stood in an alcove on the second floor; stacks of egg boxes with gold diamante encrusted eggs. I was unsure how to approach the piece at first as it looked juxtapositioned in that industrial space, but as Lyndall explained the piece, its meaning and her process behind creating it I was drawn in. I got to see a finished piece and through this understand the process through which Lyndall works, the information she extracts and the ways in which that information is portrayed in her pieces.

I also really enjoyed exploring the Bargehouse with her - we sneaked a peak at the upper floor - derelict and eerie. I love exploring new spaces and I feel Lyndall shared the same interest.

Credit: Photography Richard Davies


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