Superposition: physicists and artists in conversation

Finished but not forgotten!

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Covariance is now de-installed and residing, boxed, in my conservatory, a far cry from its splendour in the atmospheric ice wells underneath the London Canal Museum. The project has been an extraordinary experience, in every way, especially the feedback from visitors, which was overwhelmingly positive.

The collaboration with Ben and the Institute of Physics was wonderful. Their generosity and openness allowed me to absorb, ponder and enquire; be perplexed, fascinated and amazed. My journey started with nervousness and uncertainty; could my non-scientific brain get to grips, even a little bit, with particle physics? The answer was a resounding yes and I now have the desire and confidence to continue my exploration into this surprising, magical world and hope that through the legacy of Covariance and future projects I can encourage more people to do the same.

I hope other artists and physicists are fortunate enough to be part of the Superposition experience; I eagerly look forward to the future collaborations that will emerge.   

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