Superposition: physicists and artists in conversation

Ideas become reality

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I met Ben last Saturday to talk through my thinking for the artwork. I was excited to share my ideas but also a little nervous in case they didn’t reflect fully the physics covered in our previous meetings. I shouldn’t have worried; Ben’s wow expression when I revealed the model reassured me. Not only did it mirror the visual aesthetic of the particle detectors and the graphic representation of particle detection, the way in which the work would be fabricated and installed also paralleled the complexities of constructing and siting detectors.

So it’s now time to move full-steam ahead with meeting various fabricators and ordering materials – so far there’s 1.3 kilometres of brass rods and over 60,000 beads and diamantes! It’s going to be another of my hugely labour intensive works – exhausting and oddly rewarding all at the same time!

We’ll be announcing the venue soon – it’s amazing, perfect for the work and will create a unique art experience.

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