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Re-sit strategy

If you finish your first year with a C overall, from two B grades and a D in the modules, successfully re-sitting the D grade module could put you in a much stronger position when all your modules are counted up towards your final A level grade.

But it can also provide a pointless distraction to your new modules, so you need to consider several factors carefully to help you make the right choice. Most importantly you need to consider how likely you are to significantly improve upon the original score.

If you just expect a small gain, is it worth the additional time that you would need to spend on it, or will this effort be at the expense of underperforming in your current module? Also, when deciding upon re-sits, it is tempting to think that you will do much more work than last time.

Be realistic and think about whether this is really going to happen when the pressure of new modules and other subjects build up in the run-up to exams. To successfully re-take a module you probably need to work regularly at it for months. Expecting to brush-up the week before the exam is usually a doomed strategy.

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