Revision and exam help

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Student's top revision tips

  • Start early – don’t leave it until just a couple of weeks before the exam.
  • Plan your revision time, do a little each day.
  • Break revision up into small chunks, take regular short breaks.
  • Make notes from textbook and class work.
  • Summarise/condense notes repeatedly. Use highlighter pens.
  • Make revision cards/flash cards (not too much information on each card.)
  • Test yourself or get a friend to test you. Buddy up with a student of similar ability as you.
  • Depending upon what suits you, make mind maps, mnemonics, songs, diagrams of topics, make a poster for your wall, rhymes, similes etc.
  • Do past paper questions and recheck topics you can’t answer.
  • Consider buying a revision guide.
  • Look after yourself - get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, don’t get drunk before exams (it wrecks your memory,)
  • take some exercise/fresh air, eat properly.
  • Use course summary if available, or summaries in textbook to check you haven’t missed anything out.
  • Read specification/syllabus.
  • Post-it notes – write a formula on each one, put them around your room, on the fridge etc.
  • Teach other people physics – you will be surprised how much you learn.
  • Make a tape – listen to it whilst going to sleep.
  • Learn definitions and formulae off-by-heart.
  • Talk to teachers, utilise extra revision classes, workshops etc.
  • Pay attention in class.
  • Go over what was taught in the lesson the same night to have a sure understanding.
  • When a mock exam is returned, make a note on what was bad and revise those topics.
  • Revise repeatedly over a long period, not all in the last week.
  • Stay calm before and in exams – if this is an issue get help.
  • Just because you have missed a lesson, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revise that topic! Never have to hope a topic won’t come up – it will!
  • Stay organised – make sure you don’t waste time looking for notes or books.

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