Revision and exam help

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Organising your revision

  • Keep your notes in order. Catch up any work you miss.
  • Know which exam board you are studying for. Ensure you have their specifications. These state what you will be tested on.
  • Use the specifications to make sure that you cover every point. You might need some help interpreting some parts of them – ask your teacher.
  • Keep your class notes, your usual textbook, past papers and exam board specifications together so that you can find them easily each time you sit down to study. Consider buying a revision guide.
  • Work in a well lit area with no distractions (some students have quiet music on, but TV, loud music or mobile phones are distracting.)
  • Months before the exam, use or make a calendar. List all your exams and plan when you will study for each of your subjects. It is better to do an hour each of four different subjects every day than a day of each. Worst of all is a week of one subject before your first exam, then three days of the next subject and so on!